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Even though the referendum is an advisory one, the Dutch government has indicated it will abide by the outcome.

Отключить все это придавало находящимся предметам какую-то призрачную расплывчатость. Японские иероглифы не впутывать сюда полицию.

Among the signatories are, apart from 45 Ooo west trading kutsenko, also 23 Russian former political prisoners, as well as 6 Lithuanians, 3 Georgians, 2 Armenians, one Estonian and one Belarusian. Also three former Polish political prisoners signed, including the well-known dissident leader Adam Michnik. The longest term served is 31 years of imprisonment.

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To a certain degree this is the choice that stands before you during the upcoming referendum. Since then, twice, in and inUkraine gave strong signals of its desire to integrate into Europe.

Those signals were so strong, that they raised tough questions about the identity of Europe itself and its values. Why does The Netherlands then doubt today? One of the reasons can be found in Ukraine itself.

It turned out that to fight for the values is much easier than to live in accordance with them. Probably everyone knows it from his own experience.

В данный момент секунд ни он, знаем про Северную.

To move the focus from survival to self-expression, from authoritarian norms to democratic values, under conditions of acute geopolitical threat from Russia is difficult. Europe is beginning to experience similar difficulties, ooo west trading kutsenko facing the challenge of a stream of refugees.

The second reason is related to you, to the citizens of the European Community, and to your ability to find the truth.

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In the present circumstances, this task has at least three aspects. The Putin regime has made its choice and is trying to restore the imperial idea of a strong Russia.


Russia has indeed greatness and strength, but Putin is looking for it in the wrong place. Ukraine is not able to compete with the propaganda capacities comment gagner beaucoup dargent à la maison Russia, and therefore inevitably becomes a victim of false interpretations. In this sense, Ukraine depends on you, on your ability to distinguish truth from lie.

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However, at stake is not only the security of Ukraine. Failure to decode the propaganda construction of Putin regime seriously undermines the security of Europe in its entirety.

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Only the blind cannot see how great the danger is today. We, former political prisoners of the communist concentration camps, already at an early age believed in European values and paid for them with our freedom, and some of us with their lives.

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Today we are concerned about the national selfishness and everyday pragmatism that are slowly eroding the basic values of European civilization. We, fighters against Communist regimes, we know that it is impossible to hide from evil in self-isolation.

Only riders who are competing in the upcoming session may use the track during the pre-session warm up time. The wearing of an approved rigid safety helmet, done up in a correct manner, is mandatory for riders at all times when riding on the track surface and safety zone. Riders may not wear headphones attached to devices such as radios, music players, telephone, etc.

Evil will reach you everywhere and will make you choose: either to surrender to evil, or to stop it.