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The only upside? Source: Graphic: ORF.

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Source: ORF. There are three clear winners and three losers in this election.

Entretien avec Benjamin Opratko, journaliste. Peut-on pour autant parler d'un gouvernement progressiste? Les commentateurs ont-ils raison? Là, les ambitions sont nettement plus grandes que celles qui ont été affichées en Autriche jusque maintenant par le gouvernement. Est-ce suffisant?

But the form of the next ovp avec options is yet unclear. There are four options on the table and none of them seem particularly likely.

Election triumph hands Austria's Kurz range of coalition options

There is the option of renewing the last conservative-nationalist coalition or to return to a grand coalition between the ÖVP and SPÖ. Another two options are a conservative-green government or an alternatve version with the liberals acting as a third weel. We can safely say, it all started at the turn of the century, when Wolfgang Schüssel of the ÖVP broke 50 years of cooperation with the SPÖ and entered into a coaltion government with the FPÖ under Jörg Haider despite finishing second in the elections.

After two failed attempts at a government with the far-right, which caused numerous scandals from which the republic is still recovering today, the system of the grand coalition was reinstituted to avoid any further altrications with the far-right.

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Instead of governing the country, the coalition was happy to just sit back and watch, while people got angrier and more frustrated and flocked to the far-right.

The grand coalition was a coalition of the lowest common denominator: stay in power; protect the status quo. Kurz vowed to change this.

As soon as he was appointed as the new leader of the ÖVP, he decided to blow up the grand coalition and call for new elections. That is why a new attempt at a grand coalition following these elections is very unlikely.

He is also fully aware that he was elected, partially, because of his promise to end the grand coalition and to move things forward.

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Kurz is no friend of the far-right. But after the elections, he had two options: Either continue with a grand coalition as before and risk plummeting in the polls, while the FPÖ gains more seats, or go into a coalition government with the far-right and hope for better options next time.

He chose the latter.

Réponse 1: OTT over-the-top signifie simplement la livraison de contenu multimédia sur Internet, en contournant les modes de distribution traditionnels.

Kurz has been likened to Wolfgang Schüssel in the past. Much like Schüssel, he has managed to revitalise a dying ÖVP.

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Even his campaign slogans are similar. That is why some experts, like the political scientist Peter Filzmaier, have predicted that another version of the conservative-nationalist coalition could very well happen.

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During that time, the FPÖ had already lost a lot of seats in new elections as they have now and had been marginalised in the new government. The same could happen now.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… The next Austrian government

It does not help that on election night the Greens started torpedoing coalition talks by making anti-capitalist statements and throwing shade at Kurz on live television and on Twitter. At ovp avec options same time, the FPÖ has declared it is preparing itself for opposition work and die Ovp avec options have now made clear that while it will not be easy, they will start talks with the ÖVP about a possible coalition.

While very unlikely, the liberal party NEOS will play any part in the next government, it may be easier for Kurz and his ÖVP to come to a coalition agreement with both the Greens and NEOS, as NEOS ovp avec options its policies are situated in the centre between the two and could very well help them find their common denominators and focus on those, rather than insisting on issues that neither die Grünen nor the ÖVP would be able to accept.

In the end, it will be up to Sebastian Kurz to decide how he wants to govern Austria for the next hopefully five years and his decision will speak volumes about him and his true interests.