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Produit conforme à mes attentes Read more Good for the body Le Guduchi protège bien des effets secondaires de herbs trading gmbh chimio.

Peu de fatigue constatée Used for nasal congestion, works brilliantly! This herb was indicated by my Tibetan doctor who also suggested to take Guduchi per 2 to 3 months then have a rest for 1 to 2 months.

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Other people within my circle of friends have also had similar benefits. One last thing the product is really well packaged and is professionally documented and tested as evident from the packaging In the first case I didn't have a high ch.

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For the second case the combination of doing a lot of sport and a busy day means I'm more susceptable to herpes, again nothing serious but I wanted to strengthen my immune system. Needless to say Guduchi works but more comforting is it also good for other things e.

One more thing mys dosage is as follows: I take 2 tablets a day for about 3 mths, then reduce to one a day for 2 months then have a month's break. After that I start the cycle again.

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I would strongly recommend Guduchi and especially at the start of autumn and spring time, just as my Tibetan doctors suggests